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Sub £200 Affordable VR headset "Oculus Go"

Super Creative Ltd

Go VR headset

Today Oculus announced the Oculus Go VR headset. This will be shipping early 2018 for around £180.

This is going to be affordable lower budget VR head hopefully taking VR into the mainstream as it does NOT require an expensive mobile phone or computer. This will be a standalone headset, an all in one VR unit, all that you require is included in the one headset & it is estimated to sell under $200 which will be around £180 GBP.

Oculus have said that the Oculus Go wireless VR headset will have high-resolution LCD screen @ 2560x1440 with built-in speakers.

SuperCreative is an official oculus VR developer and we hope to get a prototype Go onto our heads very soon. Full details:

Oculus Go VR headset

£180 standalone headset.

Virtual Vr Reality 3D Content Creation

Super Creative Ltd

Above is the amazing Gear Vr Unit by Samsung/ Oculus

Above is the amazing Gear Vr Unit by Samsung/Oculus

Virtual Reality VR has been around for years but due to affordable technology and high spec devices such as powerful mobile phones such as the Samsung S7 & Gear VR headset units it has come back in full force.
See the Virtual Reality Content Creation page for full details & portfolio demos if you are close to Leicester.

Virtual Reality 360 Interior Interactive Movie

Super Creative Ltd

Virtual Reality 360 Interior Interactive Movie:

VR headset devices such as Google cardboardSamsung's Gear VROculus Rift & other virtual reality headsets enables users to place themselves straight into a environment and take a full 360 view around. It is possible to produce full animated movies & stills and even full on interactive walk around in this media. 

This creation was a Snoozebox hotel/hospitality 360 3D Interior interactive. Rendered at 4K 3840 x 2160 pixels rendered with Vray and 3D Studio Max.


Super Creative Ltd

If required I offer my freelance 3D graphic design skills direct to your location anywhere within the Leicester, Leicestershire & surrounding East Midland areas.
For an hourly rate I am happy to work within your studio, mix with your design team and clients to help create 3D visuals for any of your current design projects.

With 15+ years of professional experience creating a range of projects for a wide selection of clients I can offer my 3D skills to help you develop your ideas or just help you fill a gap during busy times.

See below for further details or please contact me for hourly rates, availability & please feel free to ask any further questions. I am more than happy to pay you a visit if you are local and discuss any freelance/project questions that you may have. Take a look at my portfolio to view a range of my 3D work examples.

Please view the 3D Freelance page for full details.


Super Creative Ltd


We can provide high quality 360º 3D video content to play straight from YouTube & other movie players & we can also creative 360º video footage for VR experiences that can be viewed on various virtual reality headsets such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, Google Cardboard and others. Take a look at our 360º 3D video example page here.

SketchFab interactive 3D creation now available.

Super Creative Ltd

Having creative a few demo's we are now happy with SketchFab be a great tool for demonstrating various products and designs, below is a basic example and a guided tour "Annotations" can be used to be given a tour around the model/product. Autopilot can also be used if you click on the lower icons for a automatic tour.

Octane Render – Realtime 3D Rendering in Testing at the SC Office

Super Creative Ltd

We are currently looking at the GPU based 3D Software Octane Render, full details on if the software will be fully used in the SC office soon.

Software details:  Realtime 3D Rendering  Octane Render is the world’s first GPU based, un-biased, physically based renderer.  What does that mean? It uses the video card in your computer to render photorealistic results fast…really fast. This allows the user to create stunning works in a fraction of the time of traditional CPU based renderers

Software details:
Realtime 3D Rendering

Octane Render is the world’s first GPU based, un-biased, physically based renderer.

What does that mean?
It uses the video card in your computer to render photorealistic results fast…really fast.
This allows the user to create stunning works in a fraction of the time of traditional CPU based renderers

SuperCreative visits 3D Print Show @3DPrintshow - - The Business Design Centre

Super Creative Ltd

SuperCreative visits 3D Print Show @3DPrintshow - - The Business Design Centre

It was time for SuperCreative to catch up with the fast growing technology of 3D printing, so we went along to the 3D Print show in London to take a look & check out where things are at.

Above is a short movie of the Ultimaker in action, they have a new Ultimaker 2 out which looked the most impressive buy out of the mid range price range 3d printers -

After visiting the 3D print show the conclusion was that it would be great to invest one of the mid range 3D printers, the technology looks great and the growing range of different print materials such as the organic cardboard looking pots you can see below is impressive.

The way the printers work printing from the top down does course some design issues and some shapes you can print are limited. The way the process works by adding small micro dots of plastic layering up on top of each other does create a very slight texture to the finish of the 3d model. Most of the lower end 3d printers only print with one material at a time but this can be swapped.

One thing that printers such as the Ultimaker 2 suffers with is creating really smooth surfaces but I guess with a touch of sanding down the final finish could be improved. Organic craft-like models that were outputted were the most impressive, to get decent prototypes out with a nice smooth finish would need to be outputted with the higher end printers. It looks like the .STL file format was the standard for the lower end models rather than full on CAD file types such as iges, but models can be converted to stl quite easily.

One area that was very impressive was the medical area, 3d printing is a great tool for producing 3D elements to replace bones, dental features and far more…..

We also got a body scan done by 3D scanning specialists, QUOD, we should get the 3D model sent from them very soon.

We would love to get our hands on a 3D printer & have a keen eye on the Ultimaker 2, not 100% sure if it would be a good financial investment for SuperCreative at the moment but they look a great deal of fun.